About Me

Dhouha Khaldi

Certified professional Coach

I am a Mediterranean Tunisian coach. As most of the people, I had the standard usual path in life. I
studied accounting in Tunisia, and then I went to the UK for a master degree in International Banking
and Finance.
I did all the required studies that would make the people surrounding me happy and delighted. My
target was to make others proud and satisfied. I thought that my happiness is a reflection of the
happiness of the people around me…
I had 10 years experience in the corporate world. I gave the best of myself during these years. I used
to be “glad” because at the end of every month I had a salary, I felt stable, and I had a job at these
harsh, awkward, and difficult times; especially that thousands of people wish they were in my place,
because my situation was definitely better than many others… because the society was pleased
At the meantime, I had my secret dream; my dream to help people and to make them feel that they
are important, appreciated, unique, and beautiful. This secret dream was to become a life coach,
who can show you the positive corner, the other way of life, and the best version of you that you
probably know but not yet ready to show
One day a tragedy happened in my life, and I had two choices: either I start living the life that I want,
that I desire, or I continue living my standard, stable, boring life that the society wants me to live.
I decided to start not to continue, to achieve not to dream, to learn not to postpone. I studied, read
many books, attended seminars, believed in myself, got the certificate, and started coaching. After
sometime, I understood that this is my passion, and this is what I want to do. Today, I am realizing
my dream
This is me, this is my story, and this is my way of life.

Mar7aba Dhouha, hope all is well. I would like to thank you for yesterday session. I cannot tell you
how much the session has made me aware of the way I usually think and it freed my mind from all
the negative thoughts. You are such a great coach!