Without change, there
would be no butterflies.
Solve the person
not the problem


Career and Motivation

Do you have issues with your boss/colleagues, and is this annoying you? Do you feel that you are not productive anymore for some reasons? Do you want to change your job but not sure how? Do you want to do something that you like, but you cannot find a hobby?
Do you think that you lack a clear “working” / professional life target?

  • Where?
    Zoom, Park, Beach, Coffee Shop, or anywhere that makes you feel comfortable
  • How long?
    6 weeks, 1 hour a week + 10*20 minutes weekly call for follow up and motivation
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All women can be ladies. Do you want to: – Learn how to behave when you have a business lunch or dinner? – Change the way you talk, walk, eat, and dress, and you need some advices? – Know how a classy lady should behave in public?

  • Where?
    A 5 stars hotel for an afternoon tea
  • How long
    A minimum of two hours
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One on One Session

If you don’t prefer a full package and want to start slowly to discover the coaching and decide later,i f you would like to discuss something that is not mentioned above (relationship, kids…), or if you only need someone to listen to you, we can do a one on one session as much as you desire.

  • Where?
    Zoom, Park, Beach, Coffee Shop, or anywhere that makes you feel comfortable
  • How long?
    1 hour
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About Me

Dhouha Khaldi

Certified professional Coach

Coaching is my passion

your thoughts are my puzzle!
I listen, ask questions, and help you to find the answers.
​My name is Dhouha

I am a professional certified coach
Together, we will make the rest of your life the best of your life.


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    Successful Stories

    Mar7aba Dhouha, hope all is well. I would like to thank you for yesterday session. I cannot tell you
    how much the session has made me aware of the way I usually think and it freed my mind from all
    the negative thoughts. You are such a great coach!


    Thank you so much for the sessions, I feel extremely happy after every conversation,
    The session was an eye opener on the way I deal with myself…
    I definitely became aware of how to be free and happy

    N. Q

    Thank you so much coach for the amazing session, I really enjoyed it today. Thank you for the huge
    help you are offering me


    I feel much better actually and I feel like I am a bit more comfortable with myself, I did not really
    expect the session to have an instant effect on me but I am glad it did